Areas of Experience

Emma has considerable experience working with individuals with a mental illness, including (but not limited to); Depression, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, and Anxiety. Emma has also spent a lot of time working with families of patients with a mental health diagnosis. Emma chooses to work with adolescents (aged 14 – 18), adults, and older adults. Emma provides psychological support for new Mums or Mums to be and for their partners also. Emma would consider her specialty areas to be (and again not limited to);

  • Anxiety and stress
  • Adjustment to life events and changes
  • Depression and mood disorders
  • Managing anger and emotional states
  • Family and relationship issues
  • Grief and loss issues
  • Pregnancy and early parenting support
  • Self-esteem and confidence

Individual counselling

Individuals may seek counselling with a psychologist to; identify the triggers of distress or discomfort, explore how certain thoughts, behaviours and feelings affect functioning, implement specific skills and make changes that will reduce distress and enhance wellbeing and functioning. Emma works with individuals aged 14 to 90.

Duration:                         60 minutes
Total Cost:                      $140
Out of Pocket:                $53.20
Medicare Rebate*:         $84.80

Relationship Counselling

Relationship counselling can help a couple to understand; the relationship they currently share, rediscover why they were attracted in the first place, find out what they now want from their relationship and from each other, understand how they contributed to whatever their relationship has become, discuss what they feel about each other now, discuss what they are prepared to do to make this relationship work, or how to leave the current relationship.

Duration:                         75 minutes
Total Cost :                     $160

Home Visits for Mums and Older Adults

Emma offers Mums and other primary caregivers counselling in their home. Often new mums are inundated with a plethora of supports when it comes to “Mothering”, but Emma offers support for the new mum to find her own place in the world of “Mothering”. Support is also offered for busy Mums and Dads who find it difficult to leave the home for appointments due to children’s needs or simply for sake of convenience. Emma knows the difficulties associated with making time for yourself, so to make it a little easier for you, she will visit you in your own home. Being time-poor is a thing of the past with this new service (for more information, please see “New Mums” drop down box).

Emma also provides home visits for older adults.

Session Duration:                        Duration 60 minutes
Total Cost:                                   $150
Out of Pocket:                             $43.45
Medicare Rebate*:                      $106.55

Please Note: This service is being offered primarily in the Western Suburbs
(15km radius from Yarraville).

Medicare: Better Outcomes

Rebates are available through Medicare’s Better Access to Mental Health scheme
if you are eligible for a referral from your GP or Psychiatrist.

Who is eligible?

People who are experiencing difficulties with their thoughts, emotions, behaviour, social skills, or decision making are eligible for a partial rebate. Medicare terms these types of difficulties as a “Mental Health Disorder”. You do not need to have a diagnosed mental health illness to qualify for a Medicare rebate. Examples of situations where a person may fit into this category include when a person experiences one or more of the following;

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Grief
  • Sleep problems
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Eating Disorders
  • Drug and alcohol misuse
  • Psychotic disorders
  • Schizophrenia
  • Phobias
  • Sexual Difficulties
  • Conduct Disorder

N.B. There are no Medicare rebates for relationship or family counselling