Mums and Bubs

The moment a child is born, the Mother is also born. She never existed before.
The woman existed, but the Mother, never – Rajneesh

Home Visits for new Mums

Emma is passionate about developing healthy relationships between mums and their new babies! Having a baby is generally a time of joy, change, and uncertainty for women and their partners. Emma supports women during their pregnancy and the post-natal months to experience confidence and joy in their journey into parenthood. Emma also works with partners and family members who are undertaking the journey of becoming significant caregivers to the newest family addition.

Emma operates a small private practice, which has enabled her to have the flexibility of hours to provide a range of services for new mums. Through psychological therapy Emma helps mums to learn to love and care for their newborn as well as themselves, as sometimes this does not come instinctively to all new parents. Emma also specialises in working with Mums who have been diagnosed with Post-Natal Depression.

During pregnancy, there seems to be a lot of focus on the pregnancy itself and the birthing process and all of the expectations that come with it. Often women are prepared for how they would like their birthing process to pan out but once the post-birth hormones dissipate they are faced with the new and life changing role of Motherhood. This new phase can be quite daunting, especially when inundated with a plethora of opinions.

How Can Emma Help You?

As a new Mum, you may feel as though every waking hour is about what to do for your baby next, and as a result there seems to be very little focus on yourself. Emma’s main goal is to help new mums work with the skills they already have and to trust in themselves while getting to know their new baby. Emma also supports mums to stay in the moment, as calmly and confidently as they can by building on their knowledge base and treasuring each new stage of their baby’s development.

Emma will visit you in your home and be there for YOU, not to provide parenting advice (unless you ask), but to work with how you are feeling about yourself. Sometimes it is hard to confide in your immediate support circle for fear of judgement, and everybody needs time to vent and to be reassured that they are being the best Mother they can be. It can be overwhelming when others, with the best intentions, inundate you with advice on what to do, when to do it, and where to do it.

Commencing any new role can be scary and challenging, but with additional support being a mother can become the best roller-coaster ride!

Session Duration:                      60 minutes
Total Cost:                                 $150
Out of Pocket:                            $43.45
Medicare Rebate:                      $106.55